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Protect Your Business With Commercial Pest Control in Queens
Are pests cutting into your bottom line and driving your customers away? Trust Urban Environmental Services to keep your business protected all year long.
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24/7 Protection

A pest or control situation can happen anytime, day or night. That's why we have a team in place to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your protection is our top priority. That’s why all our services come with our satisfaction guarantee. If there’s a problem, we’ll come back to make it right!

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Family-Owned & Operated

Since 1974, our family has provided superior commercial pest control to the businesses in Westchester and the Greater New York metropolitan area.

Commercial Pest Control in Queens

Here in Queens, pest invasions are all too common. However, Urban Environmental Services has been providing the most effective commercial pest control in Queens since 1974. Throughout the years, we have come experts at eliminating pests such as:

  • Rodents
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Stink Bugs

When you partner with Urban Environmental Services, you are teaming up with the most trusted commercial pest control company in Queens. We are a locally-owned family business that puts your protection above everything else. Whether bugs are invading a business, high-rise, or facility, we are your one-stop-shop for all your pest control needs.


Custom, Seasonal Treatments to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re a business owner or a tenant, a pest infestation is one of the hardest things to deal with on your own. However, our commercial pest control is specifically designed to eliminate the annoying bugs you deal with, plus prevent them in the future before they take over your business. 

Our commercial pest control service in Queens typically includes: 

  • Thorough pest inspections and consultation by one of our highly-trained Queens exterminators.
  • A customized treatment plan designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • Four seasonal treatments tailored to protect your business in the most effective way possible
  • Structural repairs and the elimination of pest entry points for an additional fee.
  • And more!

A Bug-Free Business - Guaranteed!

Here at Urban Environmental Services, it’s no secret that we put our customers first. After all, they gave us a 4.9-star rating! One way we keep our customers so happy is by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our commercial pest control treatments in Queens. If you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason, we will return to your business and retreat for free! We always do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy!

Pest Protection Starts With a FREE Quote

If you're looking for affordable services from experienced exterminators with a passion for helping business owners like you win the battle against bugs, call Urban! Our Queens exterminators will give you a free quote so you can begin solving your pest problem fast— without breaking the bank! 


Commercial Rodent Control in Queens

Is battling rodents wearing you down? Are you tired of sharing your business with rats, mice, and other rodents? You don’t have to continue dealing with rodents— get in touch with the rodent control experts at Urban Environmental Services! Our local Queens exterminators have the expertise to implement elimination methods that will have you wondering why you didn’t call sooner!

Protect Your Business

Rodents might not sting like bees, but they are quite dangerous to have in your business. Rodents are capable of spreading viruses such as Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, Rickettsialpox, and more. They can also contaminate food supplies, expose your employees to fleas and other parasites, and cause expensive damage to your infrastructure— even causing fires by chewing on wiring!

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, you need to trust the experienced professionals at Urban Environmental Services. Our commercial rodent control in Queens gets the job done, making sure you’re safe, happy, and have peace of mind!

Rodents Gone for Good— Guaranteed!

Rodents can be tricky to get rid of, so don’t rely on DIY methods to remove rodents from your building! The longer it takes, the bigger the problem gets. Call in the professionals fast! Our commercial rodent control in Queens incorporates effective methods that will leave your business rodent-free— now and for good!

When you join forces with our exterminators in Queens, you’ll be provided with:

  • An inspection performed by an educated trusted technician to evaluate the severity of the infestation.
  • Baiting and mechanical trapping to effectively exterminate the infestation.
  • Follow-up visits one week later and beyond, depending on the severity of your infestation.
  • Recommendations on how to properly sanitize affected areas.
  • A rodent exclusion process around your property for lasting results.

With over 40 years of experience in the business, we trust our commercial rodent control in Queens to provide you with the best results possible. We are so confident in our pest professionals that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with the results, let us know and we will make it right. Invest in Urban Environmental Services today for your rodent control needs!


Commercial Termite Treatment in Queens

Termite damage is something everyone tries to avoid. But, with over $5 billion in damage caused yearly by termites, it’s not always possible to. Termites can slowly cause structural destruction to your business, leaving you stuck with an expensive repair bill. Don’t let termites cause you problems, with commercial termite treatments in Queens by Urban Environmental Services, you can protect your building from termite damage.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Protection

After years of experience getting rid of termites, here at Urban Environmental Services, we know the best way to protect your investment. Our Queens commercial termite treatments use Sentricon Above Ground Bait Stations, the best, most aggressive termite treatment that produces effective results— fast. The advanced technology in Sentricon allows it to eliminate the entire colony, even the queen.

This method allows us to take the bait to the termites, instead of waiting for them to find it. All of our commercial termite control in Queens includes:

  • Preventative treatments so termites can’t make it to your building.
  • Yearly inspections so you know your business is termite-free for the long haul.
  • A termite-free structure for your peace of mind.


Indicators of a Termite Infestation

The Subterranean termite is the most common type of termite that people deal with. This species of termite builds tunnels into your building to allow itself and the colony to get more easy access to your infrastructure.

A few common signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged wood
  • Swollen ceilings

If you have spotted some of these signs or are still unsure if you are up against termites, call us! Our commercial termite treatment in Queens includes a thorough inspection of your building where our termite exterminators will be able to determine the severity of the infestation and take steps to implement our termite treatments.


Commercial Bed Bug Treatments in Queens

Bed bugs are the last pest you want to disrupt your sleep. These infestations are quite common and difficult to eliminate. Many make the mistake of relying on DIY treatments, which can fail and drive bed bugs further into your business— making them harder to eliminate.

With the help of our technicians at Urban Environmental Services, you can live completely bed-bug-free! Our commercial bed bug treatments in Queens utilize methods of spray, thermal, and steam treatments. Our bed bug exterminators can treat all affected areas of your business including bed frames, mattresses, nightstands, closets, outlet covers, and more!

Effective Solutions That Last

Our process efficiently exterminates bed bugs while being completely safe for your business. When you entrust our professionals to take on the job, we incorporate powerful technology to provide you with the most effective solutions. Here’s what our commercial bed bug control in Queens will offer:

  • The HEPA vacuum system. This method allows our exterminators to remove 99.7% of the pests and their remnants.
  • The steam vapor system. With this system, our technicians will be able to destroy any eggs that have been deposited in the area. This helps avoid any possible return of bed bugs.
  • The application of treatments in the affected regions. We utilize desiccants, residual sprays, and more.
  • After treatment, we can take preventative measures to help avoid a future bed bug infestation from occurring.

Urban Environmental Services has been providing top-notch services for over 40 years now. With the experience and skill our technicians have, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re dealing with red and itchy bed bug bites, contact us! We will ensure that your business becomes free of bed bugs and fast.

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