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Why Do I Have Bugs in My NYC Apartment?

Family opening moving boxes that may contain household pests

Seasonal changes bring about temperature and environmental fluctuations that cause bugs to move into your NYC apartment. Once inside, insects establish a nest and, with the availability of food and water, find it enticing to multiply.

We will address common questions about pests in New York City, including:

Is it Normal for an Apartment to Have Bugs?

Yes, unfortunately, it is normal and a common occurrence. Even though you may keep your apartment clean, your complex design in and of itself makes it attractive to bugs because:

  • You Share Connected Walls—Bugs can easily pass from one apartment to another through walls, floors, and utility lines. These pathways can easily lead to an infestation on your entire floor or throughout the building. 
  • A Large Number of People and Pets—The sheer volume of people and pets and visitors in one apartment complex provides ample opportunity for bugs to hop on and get a ride directly into your home. Shared spaces such as the lobby, gym, and laundry room provide more places for bug transport to your apartment. 
  • High Turnover Rates—Tenants are moving in and out all year long, sometimes multiple tenants come and go within the same apartment. Bugs can be easily transported on clothing, luggage, boxes, furniture, and pets. 

What Kind of Bugs are in NYC Apartments?

There are several bugs that inhabit NYC apartments with more than one possibly infesting an apartment at the same time which include:

  • Bed Bugs—Reddish brown in color, these bugs bite and leave red welts on the skin. Bed bugs can be found in bedding and upholstery. 
  • Fleas—Living on pets, these bugs can also bite people and harbor in soft furnishings. 
  • Mosquitoes—NYC sewer lines are known breeding grounds for mosquitoes. These insects carry dangerous diseases like West Nile and Zika viruses.  
  • Cockroaches—A common sighting in many NYC apartments, these bugs are destructive and carry diseases. People have been known to experience an allergic reaction to cockroach presence in the home. 
  • Spiders—These pests are a common occurrence in any home, especially in areas that are not commonly disturbed, such as closets, shelves, or cupboards.
  • Beetles—Carpet beetles, flour beetles, and spider beetles are known to inhabit NYC apartments and destroy textiles and food as well as food packaging. 
  • Ants—Common in apartments, ants can be an annoyance and cause damage and bite depending on the species invading your apartment.
  • Carpet Bugs—These flying pests can be found from room to room and will infiltrate your pantry and destroy fabrics, carpets, and upholstery.  

Do Most NYC Apartments Have Roaches?

Yes, most apartments have roaches, though NYC has the largest infestation of roaches in the United States. These insects are high on the list of bugs inhabiting NYC apartments. Roaches spread bacteria and can cause asthma attacks, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and the spread of disease. 

How Can You Tell if Your Apartment Has Roaches?

Roaches are very visible insects. You will see these dark brown insects scurry across the floor, down walls, and across countertops. They often come out at night especially when the lights are off, looking for food. If you enter your kitchen at night and turn on the light, you will see these bugs scatter. These infestations can quickly get out of control, so it’s best to treat them at your first sighting. 

Are Roaches Worse in The Summer or Winter in NYC?

Roaches are an issue year-round in NYC, however, infestations seem to worsen during the summer months. Roaches are attracted to the higher temperatures and increased levels of humidity often found in NYC and its apartments which enables the roaches and their eggs to thrive. 

How Do You Prevent Pests in NYC Apartments?

There are several ways you can help prevent pests in NYC apartments including:

  • Inspecting and cleaning all second-hand goods for insects and cleanliness.
  • Reporting your observations to the landlord or managing agent immediately.
  • Keeping your apartment and pets as clean as possible.
  • Storing trash in a sealed container and removing it often.
  • Putting food away as soon as possible and wiping kitchen counters often. 
  • Speaking with your landlord about hiring a professional pest control company to evaluate the pest control problem, treat the infestation, and schedule regular maintenance visits. 

Are NYC Landlords Responsible For Pest Control?

Landlords are responsible for pest control in NYC. According to Title 27 Chapter 2 of New York City’s Housing Maintenance Code “An owner of a dwelling shall take reasonable measures to keep the premises free from pests[…] and shall expeditiously take reasonable measures to remediate such conditions and any underlying defects[…]” (§27–2017.1). 

This statement includes pest control measures such as pest management and extermination. Landlords are also responsible for inspecting units prior to tenant occupancy and arranging and paying for pest control services should they be necessary. 

Get Professional Pest Control in NYC

Do-it-yourself treatments rarely work for NYC bugs. Urban Environmental has 40+ years of providing high-quality and reliable pest removal services to NYC apartments.  We offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that uses a comprehensive strategic approach to rid your apartment or an entire complex of an infestation through:

  • Monitoring and Identification of Pests—Accurate identification of your pest is crucial to finding nests and food sources and isolating the particular pest to develop the most effective pest control measures. 
  • Determination of Plan of Action—At Urban Environmental, we develop a plan of action that takes into consideration the sensitivities and needs of the tenants living in the apartment(s) along with the apartment complex design, pest entry points, and sanitation. 
  • Preventive and Curative Action—A comprehensive control plan is initiated utilizing a broad range of effective strategies to prevent future pest invasions.

Urban Environmental is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We provide reliable, responsible, minimally invasive, and effective pest control to keep NYC residents safe and healthy year-round. 

Contact us today for a free estimate!